Big drill, Apex, and Famous Commanders Oh My!

Let's throw in everything and the kitchen sink for this battle report.  We will both be using Famous Commanders, V2 beta rules,  and the Apex fauna with its experimental rules.

Allied Resistance commanded by Jessie Adams, Guide of the Damned V.S. The Scourge commanded by Eden's Dinosaur
The scenario:  Careful Advance Corner deployment, 2 Critical Locations, 3 Objectives in the buildings.  Along with the Dropzone v2 beta rules we added extraction points along the centerline.  Extraction points are an alternative extraction type rather than the typical extraction off of your board edge for the extra VP.  In extraction points you have to have the objective on the extraction point at the end of the game.  This means you have to hold on to your objectives and protect them for the whole game which has been a lot more more fun in my experience.  

And the Apex fauna.
Typically fauna are fairly neutral, they are like NPCs that run around and attack anything in their way.  The Apex how…